Kanye West releases “Jesus Is King Album” – (Download here)

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“As disappointed as Kanye West fans”, “Kanye West Disappointment Syndrome”…maybe these should have added up to the next edition of Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary! But not anymore! Kanye has just proved otherwise to his teeming fans.

The much awaited Kanye’s new album, ‘Jesus is King,’ had sparked up so many reactions from fans. Fans who had been dribbled by Kanye first about the “Jesus is King movie” and then “Jesus is King album” seems to have lost their patience and confidence in him.

The question on the lips of everyone that had been anticipating the album was, “Will we ever get to hear “Jesus is King?”

Kanye had given different released dates for his album. First it was September 2018, and then November of the same year and later indefinitely delayed till 2019 when in August, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian announced September 2019, two dates of the same proposed month – September 27th and September 29th, for its release.  “Jesus is King”, which will be Kanye’s ninth album, was initially set to be released as Yandhi

On Friday, Kanye had announced again that the song will be out October 25th 2019. But hours after West made this announcement, he came up again with even more heartbreaking news that the song will no longer be available at midnight! Now fans are fed up with Kanye and his ‘promise and fail” updates.

Kanye had updated on his Tweeter handle, “To my fans, thank you for being loyal and patient. We are specifically fixing mixes on ‘Everything We Need,’ ‘Follow God,’ and ‘Water.’ We not going to sleep until this album is out!” 

When fan didn’t see the album, they came on Twitter, with memes of West, sleeping. Jokes were also cracked about the rapper’s chronicled history of delays. 

But the wait is over! Jesus is King Album is finally out! West has restored the lost confidence of his fans and they will be happy again with him!

Jesus Is King album which is already on Spotify, is an eleven track list namely:

Every hour


Follow God

Closed on Sunday

On God

Everything we need


God is

Hands on

Use the Gospel

Jesus is Lord

The album, “Jesus is King” was produced by Kanye West alongside Pi’erre BourneRonny J, and Timbaland, among others,  is set to feature guest artists likeTy Dolla SignClipse (Pusha T and No Malice),  Nicki Minaj, Fred HammondKenny G and Ant Clemons.

Fans are already excited and they all flocked to Amazon, Apple Music and  Spotify to stream the songs. They have also shown their excitements with even more funny GIFs and comments on Twitter and Spotify!

Copy the album through any of the links below


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