How to Win a Woman’s Heart. (Prt.1)

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Relationships fail most times not necessarily because the parties involved don’t love themselves, but predominantly as a result of their inability to support each other.
This lack of support plays out mostly when partners fail to help one another become better.

When people are deprived of the freedom to fully express themselves in a relationship, love becomes boring and useless. Hence, in order to fulfil and satisfy their greatest needs, they end up going seperate ways.

In any love relationship, support is ultimate. Supporting your partner keeps the relationship stronger.

It nourishes and oils the rims of romance and passion.
Let me share five ways, MEN CAN SUPPORT THEIR PARTNERS.

(1) Listen to her

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This is where most blokes get it wrong. A woman rarely seeks solution in conversations.

She craves for companionship and support which can be supplied by just paying attention to her, rather than jumping into the macho solve it cap and shutting her in.

Most of my coaching sessions and therapy with women are often less work for me, I simply listen, lead them through the path where they bear their hearts all out.

I usually encourage them to puke out their indignation. Women are often lost in a world of emotions, always seeking expression.
Listening to your partner could be a herculean task especially when she’s rendering the whole day in just one sentence.

Men process things per time, and per context. But it can be fun when you get used to it, and you encourage her with gentle humming, hisses, and other affirmations.

Listening shows respect

Listen to your partner as you would wish her to listen to you. Listening speaks of respect, listening speaks of value.

If we would spend more time listening in our relationships, rather than talking , we will have less squabbles. Spend more time listening and you’ll spend all times understanding.

Never shut her in, or cut her abruptly. If you do, watch out, she’ll implode someday without an obvious reason.

(2) Appreciate Her

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Give her compliments regularly.

Appreciate your partner anytime she does something of value no matter how little, rather than compare.

Comparison has killed many relationships. Appreciation is the best form of incentive, use it well!

Appreciation is like oil in relationship, it lubricates.It rids it of friction.

Appreciations relieves tension and conflicts in a relationship. 

It also influences the heart to do more! This is because around everyone’s neck is an invisible description that reads, VALUE MY LITTLE EFFORT AND I WILL DO MORE.

(3) Apologize when you’re wrong.

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Hello man, apologising is not a sign of weakness but strength. You do not lose your manliness by saying “I’m sorry”.

Trust me, if you truly respect and value your partner, you will not find it hard to apologize!

I’ve met several ladies who told me they despise their partners because they never feel remorse for offences committed.

When you don’t apologize, you are a slave to your ego!

In relationship, saying I’m sorry is greater than the word I love you. 

When you tell your partner “I’m sorry” she finds more reason to trust you.

There are basically five Apology Love languages according to Gary Chapman 

  • Expressing Regret 
  • Accepting Responsibility 
  • Making Restitution 
  • Genuinely expressing the desire to change your behaviour.
  • Requesting for forgiveness 
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