How to Succeed: Overcoming Social Media Addiction

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The Corona virus pandemic has changed life around the globe in drastic and unimaginable ways. In the United States alone, about 20.5 million people have lost their jobs in the last couple of months since the pandemic escalated. Oil prices are plunging badly and world economies, once robust, are sweating under intense financial pressure. The naked truth is that we all have to readjust our lives to suit with these present realities.

According to projections, in the next few months more companies will be forced to downsize, due to the continuous spread of the Covid-19 and global lockdown in major cities. Also, there may be major cut back on pay checks. The result is obvious; more people will become unemployed while several others will end up being underpaid. The long and short of this is that money will really be scarce. 

Top Level Productivity for Financial Freedom

To remain financially afloat in these times, one must of a necessity acquire relevant skill, exhibit a smarter approach to work, and have a keen interest in navigating novel ideas and territories. But how can we achieve all these when we allow an enormous chunk of our time to go down the drain daily? I believe that time wasters are the top enemies of personal and corporate productivity. Time wasters here refer to all such activities and events that yield no actual value, monetary or otherwise. Time waters take from you and bring nothing to the table. To be more efficient at creating wealth you need to identify, downplay on or completely eliminate time waste from your life.

Social Media; A Major Time Waster.

For me, on top of my list of time waters is the “S” word: social media. That might not be the case for you. But it goes without gainsaying that social media is a subtle but huge time waster for most people in this civilisation. Social media would easily make it to the seven wonders of the world list today. It provides limitless opportunities for networking, socialising and it is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, companies and brands. So the problem so to say is not with social media in itself but with its abuse.

Stop Abusing Social Media

Excessive use of social media can rob you of the time needed to invest in personal development. It is a known fact successful people spend 60 to 80 percent of their time on activities that facilitate self improvement and general productivity. The more undisciplined you are at using social media platforms, the faster you drop in your rate of productivity. Social media can be very addictive. All you need to get hooked is a charged Android phone and data (lol). So many people get engrossed all day in chat rooms, timelines and feeds, absolutely lost in the make-believe world of social media. So how can you get out of that rut that is taking you no way at all?Set

(1) Definite Time Limit


The first step to getting a grip of yourself with using social media is by setting definite time limits. What we are trying to deal with is the inordinate use of social media, not an outright ban on it. Decide on the right amount of time you can spend on social media daily without sabotaging your personal goals and checklist. Remember, work should always come before pleasure. There’s really no straight jacket rule about this, it all depends on a person’s peculiar circumstances. Some people would need more time on social media than others, because of their kind of job or line of business. Just be honest to yourself. Do what is in your best interest.

(2) Practice Discipline

Coming close to the first point is discipline. Once you’ve decided on the right time you can spend on social networks, discipline yourself to stick to the plan at all costs. Discipline is making yourself do what is needful even when you don’t feel like it. Resist the temptation to overindulge. Sometimes you may just have to force yourself out of social apps or shuffle them into your phone’s freezer, so you can take a break from the endless notifications. For others really struggling with overuse of social media, consider putting your phone out of sight when you’re on an important task, or during work hours to avoid any distractions.

(3) Try Social Media Detox

Consider taking a long or short break from social media completely when possible. Health experts call it social media detox. They recommend it as a way of helping social media addicts recover and heal from the negative effects overindulgence has had on their brain. Social media detox can assist anyone to have a better and more healthy approach to the use of social media rather than becoming obsessed with it. Detox can help reduce depression, loss of concentration and stress tendencies in people who frequently use social media. You can read more articles online to learn about how best to go about a sexual media detox.

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