How to Find your SOUL-MATE (Prt1)

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One of the most important yet difficult decisions to make in life is choosing the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

In my opinion part of the reason choosing a life partner gets confusing and even at times very complicated is simply because so many wonderful people with amazing personalities come into our lives, but sadly as humans, we have no ability to see beyond the surface.

Knowing a person’s true personality i.e who he or she is on the inside, past the cute smiles, perfect make-up or flashy clothes and accessories is indeed a rare skill only few people possess. Remember you are not getting married to their clothes, Porsche cars, six packs or figure eight shape, the real person you are settling down with is the person on their inside.

Ultimately, its their character, mindset, values, belief system and general world view that you will be putting up with in the marriage. If there’s anything wrong with one or more of the later,then anything that attracted you on the external to the person, will sooner or later loose its appeal.

Having said enough by way of introduction, lets get down into the real matter. We will be considering in this series, the basic things you need to look out for when deciding on who will finally become your soul-mate.

(1) Discover Yourself

One of the greatest discoveries you can make in life is to discover yourself. If someone walked up to you and asked without prior notice, for you to describe yourself in a single sentence, what would be your reply?

First finding yourself is the single most important step towards finding a person who will fit or complement you. Marriage was designed primarily for companionship and partnership. Biologically and physiologically,a man is created to naturally complement the woman in so many ways and vice versa.

Therefore,until you deeply understand yourself,you will never be able to determine the right kind of “complement” for you. If you get it wrong at this point, then you are starting off on the wrong foot.

Whats your personality type? What are the things you are really passionate about? What are your goals in life? Whats your personal vision statement?

Where do you see yourself in the next 10-20 years, would the person in your life fit into that picture? These are pertinent questions you must give yourself very frank answers to.

To be continued

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