Effective Marketing for Starters

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Every business requires a solid foundation to be prosperous.

The foundation is your ability to define your target market and tailor a unique message that catches their attention.

Because of increased globalisation and the declining state of the economy, advertising messages can no longer be universal.

It has to become specific!

Major on the Specifics

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The ability to communicate to a specific audience has made it possible for small businesses to compete with bigger and better funded industries. 

They achieve this because they can now target their niche market.

I have heard business owners say that their target is everyone or anyone interested in their service. This is sheer ignorance.

Target Marketing brings Efficiency .

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Target marketing doesn’t mean excluding people who don’t fit your criteria. 

It is focusing your marketing funds and strategies on people more likely to buy from you. 

This is a more efficient and cost effective way to reach potential clients and generate business leads. 

Efficient marketing involves campaigns or activities rooted in streamlined targeting of qualified audience or market. 

You can’t afford to be talking to everybody.

Your Message is Important 

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You must format your message in a way that it connects with a particular audience or segment of the marketplace.

These are some reasons the way you carve your message matters.

  • Your message connects with people who can relate.
  • It draws high converting leads.
  • It differentiates you from the competition.
  • Deep customer loyalty.
  • You can create better products and services.
  • You can achieve product market-fit.

Let this wisdom guide you in making your marketing decisions.

Let’s keep building! 


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