Covid-19 deaths rise above 7,000 in the U.S

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Corona virus death toll in the United States of America as of today has soared above 7,000 persons.

According to statistics made available by John Hopkins University, about 278,458 people living in the US have already been infected with the deadly Covid-19 virus, and the numbers just keep escalating.

State governors and health care leaders have expressed their fears and frustration over the situation of things in the country, as the battle to contain the spread of the pandemic ensues.

” Everything about the tests are very difficult to come by, and there’s no federal plan for this, so every state is on their own,” Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker said. “As I’ve said, it’s the Wild West out here.”

Major concerns raised by these state leaders include insufficient test to help ascertain the number of infections, and the inadequate supply of personal protective equipments (PPE) for health workers.

Addressing the issue of poor supply of PPE, North Carolina Governor.Roy Cooper said Federal Government must double it’s efforts in providing more of those protective materials for the states.

“We’re grateful for these supplies. But to be clear, we’ve gotten just 33% of what we’ve asked for, and they’ve told us not to expect more anytime soon,” he said.

“This pandemic is a war,” he said. “And we need the armor to fight it.”

Sadly, this outrcry is coming at the wake of President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S Strategic National Stockpile is nearly depleted.

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