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The coronavirus seems to be gaining more grounds in recent times. It has become an epidemic claiming lives and infecting scores of lives without apologies.
258 new cases outside the capital of China have been confirmed. These recent spread were recorded by two prisons situated in Shandong and Zhejiang, the Northern and Eastern part of China respectively. The outbreak has been attributed to certain prison officials, who have been laid off instantly. Investigations into the Shandong episode has commenced in earnest, said the China government officials.

China has just reported 889 new confirmed cases. Out of this, 118, from Wuhan, have been confirmed dead.
South Korea now has a total of 204 cases, with 100 new cases mostly from Daegu, a city of 2.5 million people. The outbreak was believed to have started in a church by an aged woman who consistently attended services. Special care centres have been set up in Daegu and Cheongdo County, a neighboring city, by the South Korean officials. Residents in these places have already started deserting major malls and business centres, calling the outbreak unprecedented.

Other than China, Japan has recorded the largest cluster of infected people. Out of the 630 cases currently held under quarantine in Japans Diamond Princess Cruise ship since February 3, only two elderly passengers have been confirmed dead as of Thursday. Out of this statistics, 129 Canadians have tested negative according to the CBC News.
Hubei prisons has also reported 271 cases. However, provincial officials havent said anything about when diagnosis took place. It was even gathered according to reporters, that buses conveying evacuees from Hubei, China, to a quarantine centre was attacked by Ukrainians upon their fear of contracting this radical monster called Coronavirus.
Also, 13 new cases, have been confirmed in Qom, a city in Iran. Two have already been confirmed dead.
According to Reuter tally, the Coronavirus is already present in 26 countries. Now the question is, Which country would be next?”

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