Breaking Addictions : Saying “No” can change your life

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A lot of people keep asking how they can break an addiction in their life. I will tell you one secret that can really help and that is learning to say “No”. It can be the determining factor between life and death, blessing or curse and well-being or illness.

No is a word that represents our choice. It’s also reflects the exercise of our will in any situation. Being able to say “No” is a powerful virtue everyone must cultivate. So many ruin their lives because of the things they couldn’t say No to. As a result,they became captives of their own desires,ruled by their emotions.

Addictions begin when we repeatedly consent to certain habits,substance or mental patterns that hurts us. After a while, saying No to the thing we are obsessed with becomes difficult. Then we suddenly realise that we have a full blown problem.

As a person who successfully overcame addictions, I know that “No” is a powerful word that can change your life in unimaginable ways. You can start today,right now to practice saying “No”. Say No to destructive habits,say No to depressive thoughts, say No to negative vibes and feelings. You have the grace within you to say “No”. God gave you that ability; it is called CHOICE. Everytime you say No,you deny your addiction the power to control you.

I know it’s not always going to be easy. There are days you will feel overwhelmed. But never ever forget that you are always one word away from FREEDOM, and that word is simply “NO”.

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