Another American Pastor claims to have better Oral Sex skills than Pst Wilson in shocking video

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It appears that Pastor Wilson is not totally alone in this matter of sexual misconduct, as another American Pastor publicly declares he is into oral sex via a video on social media. 

This pastor, Thaddeus Matthew is the controversial founder of Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries in Tennessee. He is also a Talk Show host and life coach. Thaddeus is nicknamed “the cussing pastor”.

Thaddeus who also happens to be Pastor Wilson’s look-alike has boldly come out of the closet to declare his love for oral foreplay. He made this statement in a new video, where he says in graphic words “I like pu**y and also cusses out everyone who may be criticizing him or Pastor Wilson.

The shameless forwardness of this man of God leaves one to wonder what might have become of the church today. Is the gospel still against indecent sexual behavior and sexual immorality? Shouldn’t pastors be models of a chaste and pious life? There are a lot of unanswered questions in the minds of people today about this entire saga.

Thaddeus addressed being mistaken by folks on social media for Pastor Wilson, by stating categorically that he isn’t in the one in the sex tape but added however that he possessed better skills than the ousted pastor.   He wrote;

“So on several pages including Twitter and Youtube persons are using my pic stating that I am Pastor Wilson Lol, I’m sure most know the difference but just in case, yes I eat pu**y but my skills are much better. Pastor Wilson was eating too fast and from bottom to top and my style is from top to bottom. Haters thanks for keep making me great.”

It obvious that one really needs to be on the look-out these days, especially when a person claims to be a man of God.

The bible rightly predicts that in the end time certain men will creep into the church and practice all kinds of lawlessness and despicable things, all in the name of God. Pastor Wilson,Thaddeus and their likes are glaring examples of wolves in sheep’s clothing unashamedly desecrating the holy altar of God.

Below are embedded clips of the cussing pastor reacting on the matter

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