Aliko Dangote Reveals the SECRET to his Wealth.

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 Aliko Dangote is well known as the richest man on the African soil. During his appearance and stirring speech at the 2019 Gold Gala of Florence Otedola’s Cuppy Foundation held recently in Abuja, he revealed one of the secrets to his colossal wealth.

The Gold Gala is a brain child of the Cuppy Foundation. Held annually, it provides a platform where well-meaning and goodhearted Nigerians can donate to Save the Children, a 100-year United Kingdom-based Charity organization. Save the Children ranks as the second largest children-focused charity organization after UNICEF.

Giving away a huge sum of N100 million as donation to the foundation, Dangote revealed that a major part of his wealth will go to charity when he dies.

He encouraged more Nigerians to rise to the challenge and extend a helping hand to the indigent in the country.  “We shouldn’t wait for the government” he pleaded, noting that individuals can also contribute their quota to complement the efforts of the government.

Notably, Aliko Dangote explained that the reason most people find it difficult to give, is because they are unaware that God blesses the benevolent, he said “… people find it very difficult to give money away. But I think the more you give, the more God blesses you and makes you richer”.

He praised Femi Otedola, who made a staggering donation of 5 Billion at the same event. “Femi has declared that he’s not just a rich man but a wealthy person. Now he has joined the clique of wealthy men who don’t eat their money themselves alone or through their families. They make sure they give to other”, these were his words.

Finally, he commended Cuppy for her magnanimity which she expressed by visiting the poor children at Borno, noting that 90 percent of those he asked to join him to Maiduguri refused.

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